Quality Documents

It is not only the policy but also the vision of Drossbach N.A. to be the leader in product quality and customer service in the Global wire conduit market. This vision has been achieved by manufacturing the highest quality products under strictly controlled processes. These processes have been and are still being refined over time using proven continuous improvement programs. These well established development and manufacturing systems are also complimented with superior customer service.

Truly understanding and fulfilling the needs and expectations of our customers is still the basic driving force behind all of our systems. To actually achieve the level of quality acceptable to Drossbach, we enforce a very discipline approach at all stages of development, production and our continuous customer support. At Drossbach, we believe that quality can never be compromised.

We are also committed to making sure that all Drossbach members will understand this policy and comply with the requirements of our quality manual. In turn this will always assure our commitment to meeting the ISO/TS 16949 standard.

Our customers’ satisfaction with our quality performance and continuous improvement efforts will lead us to success and prosperity, and it will provide everyone with great opportunities to grow with Drossbach.


F.O. (Lanny) Huff,
President Drossbach N.A